Pet (Spay/Neuter) Contract

Sunburst Shelties
Melinda Hicks

Pet (Spay/Neuter) Contract

On _______________, 20___, Sunburst Shelties agrees to sell a Shetland Sheepdog to ____________________________ for the sum of $____________ and the requirements, as listed below.

COLOR: ______________________________ SEX: _________________


WHELPED: __________________________________________________

DAM: _______________________________________________________


REGISTRATION NUMBER:____________________________________

1. Said sheltie above is being sold as a pet, and as such will be spayed/neutered within 9 months.

2. The sheltie's registered name shall begin with "Sunburst."

3. Registeration papers will be marked LIMITED REGISTRATION. The sheltie is NOT to be used for breeding. And entry in some dog events is restricted.

4. If at ANY time during the life of said sheltie above, it cannot be kept by the said Buyer, that Buyer is to contact the seller "Melinda Hicks" or return the sheltie to the seller "Melinda Hicks" so that the sheltie can either be placed in another home or be kept by the seller "Melinda Hicks" until the sheltie crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

5. Said sheltie above is being sold with a health and hereditary guarantee, Buyer agrees to have a Veterinarian check the sheltie within (5) five days of purchase, or guarantee is void.



~Special Provisions~






Sunburst Shelties

Breeder: Melinda Hicks
Location: Cave Spring, Ga