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Welcome to our Contracts Page. Below you will find our contracts as well as our Health and Hereditary Guarantee. Fell free to email or call if you have ANY questions.

Understanding The Contracts

     At the time of purchase, the buyer of the sheltie puppy has two options... a Show-Prospect/Breeder contract or a Pet (spay/neuter) contract.

     1. Show-Prospect/Breeder contract - If this contract is chosen, Melinda Hicks will remain the co-owner of puppy until the FIRST PICK puppy is received from the sheltie's first litter. The purpose of "co-ownership" is to insure that the seller receives the first pick puppy of the first litter. Between 6 and 8 weeks of age the seller Melinda Hicks shall pick the First Pick puppy from the the sheltie's first litter, at that point, the seller Melinda Hicks will sign off as co-owner and full ownership is that of the buyer.

     Pet (spay/neuter) contract- In choosing a Pet contract, it is the utmost importance that the sheltie be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age. This does not mean that the sheltie cannot be shown in agility, obedience or herding. The purpose behind this is to protect the puppy and ensure the breed. Mix-breed puppies many times are unwanted and thus end up in our animal shelters. Male dogs are prone to mark their territory if not neutered at an early age.

Please remember to have your vet "health check" your puppy within 5 days and to follow through on future vaccinations. Pets are a responsibility!

Click here to view Female Show-Prospect/Breeder contract.

Click here to view Male Show-Prospect/Breeder contract.

Click here to view Pet (spay/neuter) contract.

Click here to view Health and Hereditary Guarantee.

     We hope that your future includes one of our puppies and that they make you as happy as they have made our family!

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