Sunburst Shelties Pictures

We hope you enjoy these pictures.
This is an Ebony and DJ puppy. We love this little guy!
This is Sunburst's Flaming Ember MAX, MXJ at one of her matches. We are SO proud of the work she and Paula are doing!
Here is "Ember" Sunburst's Flaming Ember MAX, MXJ and "Briquet" Sunburst's Spark In The Night NA, NAJ. Owned by Paula with Horn Mtn. Shelties. BE SURE TO CLICK THE HORN MTN. PICTURE ABOVE TO VISIT HORN MTN. SHELTIES! AND CHECK OUT THEIR NEW WEBSITE!
This is Icee! She is a Bi-Blue Merle female she is a daughter of Sunburst Bi Popular Demand "Romeo" and Sunburst Tite Fittin' Levi's "Levi".
Here is another picture of Icee!
Here is another daughter of "Romeo" we are really proud of everything he is producing!
Here is a beautiful son of "Romeo"!

Sunburst Shelties

Breeder: Melinda Hicks
Location: Cave Spring, Ga