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          At Sunburst we are totally committed to the betterment of the Shetland Sheepdog. They are part of our family first and show dog extaordinaire second. We have been raising and exhibiting Shelties for over 14 years. We consistently produce type, substance, soundness in mind and body, not forgetting the working heritage or loyal companion. Conformation wise, we strive for a sound, agile, moderate Sheltie with correct layback of shoulder and rear angulation. The sweet Sheltie expression is a must. We are very selective when breeding and litters are carefully planned. Sunburst puppies are home raised, and socialized.We offer top quality show prospects, working dogs, and companion puppies to approved homes. Whether it is a companion, working, or a show quality Sheltie, we stand behind our puppies with written guarantees.

Our Location

          Sunburst Shelties is located fifteen miles southwest of Rome, GA in the historic city of Cave Spring. A truly southern town that rich in history, natural beauty. Also, located in shady Rolater Park, just off the town square, are the natural limestone cave and spring which are the town's namesakes. Open to the public, the cave has impressive stalagmites and the legendary "Devil's Stool" formation. The spring water has won awards for purity and taste and is commercially bottled. Many visitors bring jugs to fill at the spring and take home for drinking. In keeping with the historical ambiance, Cave Spring sustains a lively trade in antiques in several shops and antique malls throughout town. Other shops offer designer collectibles, distinctive country gifts, and decorative home accessories.

About The Shetland Sheepdog

          The Shetland Sheepdog is a medium size dog that resembles the Collie in miniature. The Sheltie, originated on the rugged Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. Beacause they guarded farmer's flocks, they were first named Toonies, possibly from the Norwegian word for farm. Like the Collie, the Sheltie, traces back to the Border Collie of Scotland, which, trasported to the Shetland Islands and crossed with small, intelligent, longhaired breeds, and was reduced to miniature proportions. This breed now bears the same relationship in size and general appearance to the Rough Collie as the Shetland Pony does to larger breeds of horses. The Sheltie is an intensely loyal, people oriented dog and does best as a family companion. Shelties work to please their people, and thus do extremely well in conformation, obedience, herding and agility. Shelties can be found in several different color combinations, from the most recognized sable and white to the least recognized bi-blue color.

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Sunburst Shelties

Breeder: Melinda Hicks

Location: Cave Spring, Ga

Phone: (706)777-1435

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